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Course Description

In this course students will engage in a mix of collaborative projects, readings, multimedia, labs, and presentations as a way to learn about force and motion, Newton's Laws of Motion.  Students will use the design process to build and experiment with rockets, create a race car in a unit called "Science of Speed" and create and program Lego robots.  

This course will overlap with the students Design and Engineering class as well as their Essential Ingredients class. With DE being taught in semester 1 and EI semester 2.


  1. Fruitvale (R2R, EI, DE)

  2. Science of Speed (DE)

  3. Germs and Viruses (EI)

  4. Robotics (DE)

  5. Edible School Yard (DE, EI)


The Nature of Science and Engineering Engineers create, develop and manufacture machines, structures, processes and systems that impact society and may make humans more productive. Engineering design is the process of devising products, processes and systems that address a need, capitalize on an opportunity, or solve a specific problem. Designed and natural systems exist in the world.These systems consist of components that act within the system and interact with other systems. Current and emerging technologies have enabled humans to develop and use models to understand and communicate how natural and designed systems work and interact.


Physical Science The motion of an object can be described in terms of speed, direction and change of position. Forces have magnitude and direction and affect the motion of objects. Energy can be transformed within a system or transferred to other systems or the environment.

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